Let’s Make A Deal


Getting Z to eat is ALWAYS a challenge.   Lately she is pretty fixated on marshmallows.  She keeps talking about hot chocolate and how she is going to have marshmallows on it (incidentally she has never had hot chocolate and I am not really sure how she knows it exists).

When I noticed that she was just transferring her grilled cheese from hand to hand to give the illusion of eating, I decided to bribe her,  “Z sweetie, if you will eat the rest of your Cheesy, I will give you FIVE marshmallows.”

Z shrewdly looked at her cheesy and responded with enthusiasm, “I want TWO.”

All my dreams of Ivy League just went out the window.  Hubby observing the whole process says, “Kiddo, are you sure about that?  Mommy offered you FIVE.   Are you sure you want TWO?”

I am glad he is trying to give her a mulligan on this marshmallow mathematics issue.   Clearly she misunderstood the proposition.

She nodded with enthusiasm, “I want TWO.”

Hubby: I don’t think you understand how negotiations work. (this is a direct quote from my favorite blogger, “thebloggess”)

Z:  Yeah (giggles)

Hubby:   So to be clear here, you want TWO marshmallows not FIVE?

Z: Yes, TWO

Hubby:   TWO not FIVE?  Are you SURE?

Z:  Yes, TWO (at this point she gets a confused look on her face), NO SIX.

Hubby:  SIX was not on the table.

Z:  I want SIX

I don’t know y’all.  Maybe she is a better negotiator than we realized.






  1. This is too funny – and I’m so glad to know my kid is not the only one not eating! It kills me because I am the opposite – would never want to chatter instead of eat a wonderful plate of food 🙂

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