So MUCH Shaking My Head

A terribly frail elderly couple came into my office today.  The gentleman is ninety two years old.  He has horn- rimmed glasses perched atop the fragile bridge of his nose.  He is hobbling in on his rolater.   (In case you don’t have the pleasure of knowing what a rolater is, it is one of those super snazzy walkers that have a seat and brakes that all the cool seniors are sporting these days.)  His was candy apple red, like a race car.

He uses every ounce of strength to sit down in the examination room, grimacing with pain.  After the pleasantries of greeting him, he says, “Doc, I got to have a cortisone shot for my joints.  I am just achy all over.”

“The cold weather must be really getting to your bones,” I nod sympathetically.

He grinned sheepishly at me, “Nah Doc, that’s not it.  I know what I done.”

I wait with baited breath.  Could it be the dreaded “fall in the bathroom” or “slipping on ice” that I frequently hear tell of.   I was totally unprepared for the next words out of his mouth.

“Well, I want to have a big garden this year, so I was out in the front yard with the chainsaw cutting down some trees to clear out a piece for it…” he starts

“Wait a second,” I interrupted, “Do you think at ninety-two you should be out there on your rolater using a chainsaw?  I have to question the safety of such a decision.”

He sighs, “Now Doc, I knew you were going to get on to me about that.  I was real safe.  I locked the rolater and sat on the seat.  I didn’t even climb up in the tree or nothing. “

“Well that IS a relief,” I replied, “I am glad that you didn’t climb into a tree with a chainsaw and your walker.”

So MUCH shaking my head.

*shared with permission


  1. I can only imagine! We live around a retirement /golf community and it is every day that anything, something, is “not a good idea”. I am told on a regular basis that when one is that age, you do not “feel” your age. One knows their limitations ,but well ,one does not “feel” their age. Anyhoo, is what it is, and thank goodness all is well:) On a different note, your brother is a customer of mine and he told me about your blog. Your blog is lovely and fun! As I recuperate from a hysterectomy it is a great diversion! I like the way you write☺️;)

  2. I have a mother in law of 94yrs who goes on at least three holidays a year one is always a cruise, she either goes on her own or with a friend who is slightly but not much younger than her! She goe out everyday and has a happy knack of getting people to do things for her by auto suggestion!
    I also have a cousin who at th age of 80yrs plus is still caught up ladders, on roofs and up trees…. I think they are feed these seniors ( OAPs to us brits) something we need!! Great story!

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