They Dont Build Things To Last

My sweet Mother is seventy-four years old and she still works full time.  This is most certainly by choice.  She could retire.  She probably should retire.  She wont retire.  Dr. Pepper has offered to buy her a house where we live so that she can enjoy Little Z and Baby Bird, but she stubbornly refuses.    She has been a hairdresser in the same small town for fifty-four years, and she has no intentions to stop teasing blue-hair into football-helmet shaped blobs anytime soon.  So, she should be pretty savvy about all things hair related, so I had no concerns about showering at her house a few weekends ago when I had forgotten my own hair supplies.  Imagine my surprise when I was greeted with this monstrosity:


This is the world’s oldest, and perhaps most-unsafe hairdryer.  Notice that it is held together with a conglomeration of duct tape and electrical tape.


I cannot recall ever seeing a metal label welded onto a modern hair dryer.


That is correct folks, the off switch is broken, so this baby is always on.


And, last but not least, no GFI, so if you drop in in the bathtub while luxuriously drying your hair during a soak, forget it. You are most certainly dead.

So, I assumed that since it is incredibly old and unsafe that it would be an incredible, unregulated hair-drying experience made of pure fire.  Imagine my disappointment to find that I would have been better off heading down to the local McDonalds and using the hand dryer to style my locks.   It is both dangerous and useless.  I know a certain elderly hairdresser who is getting a new hairdryer for Christmas!!!!


  1. My mom had a hair dryer that was essentially identical (with maybe a little less duct and electrical tape) throughout my childhood and teen years. My parents also still have the toaster they got as a wedding gift. I’ll take a picture of it someday so that we can all reminisce about how simple-yet-gaudy toasters were in the early 1970s.

  2. Oh! I had to smile!! It like builders electrians or plumbers who do wonderful job for their customers but never finish or just bodge jobs at home.
    Mind you however lovely the the new hair dryer will be she will exclaim her’s is fine! Recently my 95 yr old mother in law exclaimed how much she liked the new all signing all dancing tin opener I had saying it increasingly difficult got her to use her old one. So we bought her one for her birthday ( it opens tons and cans of all sizes including odd shaped ones and even ring pulls. It has a bottle opener and an attachment for opening jars ) we also bought her a large tin of chocolates…. She was totally underwhelmed by the tin opener but did ring and say how lovely the sweets were! I give up. Oh! She is as fit mentally and physically as a flea and is off on a cruise soon. 😉

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