The Most Magical Place on Earth

We recently took a family trip to Disney and I was wildly excited for my children to experience Splash Mountain.  Water rides and water parks are my absolute fave and I really wanted them to have the enjoyment of this. We acquired the necessary fast passes and if you are unfamiliar, the ride is a log style ride with several small dips leading up to the anticipation of one giant plummet and splash.  We were almost at the end of the ride when it seemed to slow.


As you can see, we were stopped long enough to take pictures.  We were stopped for a fairly long time, with these cackling vultures up above us.   These induced nightmares in my children for weeks to come.

Don’t worry,  if you don’t want to look at those creepy vultures, children, just look at that stalagmite!  Wait, no, look away!
And so we were evacuated from the ride….
Enter a caption
The back side of Splash Mountain was not so magical.
Happy to have this commemorative picture of our family Vacay!

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