I am driving Z to school this morning when I hear a wail of disgust emanating from the back seat, and then the odor hit me.

It seems that Baby Bird had left a sippy cup filled with juice to ferment in the hot sun for several days, and Z, ever curious picked it up and it basically exploded fermented orange juice all over her.

She handed it to me, giving me careful instructions on how to dispose of the foul substance, she was voting for complete elimination of the offending sippy cup.  I, however; have to pay for said sippy cups and elected for a salvage mission.

At a stop light, I carefully uncapped the monstrosity and poured it out, managing only to spill a little on myself and inside the car.   Z was crying from the back seat, “What about the road mommy?” as if it would erode the very asphalt it was poured on.

We pulled up to the drop off lane where I struggled with whether I should explain why my child smelled like a sorority girl drunk on so much hooch, or should I hope that it just goes unnoticed?   I elected for the latter.  Now how to get the odor out of the car?

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