person laying in front of silver sedan
Photo by Lukas Žvikas on

I was walking out of work yesterday with a new coworker.  She has no idea what my sweet ride looks like.  I had that horrified moment in a parking lot where I couldn’t figure out where I parked.  Except, It was a very small parking lot, and one I park in almost every day.   I was standing their stunned, unable to figure out where my car was.  Then, it came to me,  the car directly in front of me was mine.   I know you are thinking, “How could she not recognize her own car?”  My coworker gave me the same skeptical look.

Well……. there was a cloud burst at work, a brief but strong rain storm.  And….. the rain must have cleaned all the dirt off my car, and I had difficulty recognizing it without the usual dust and grime.  It looked almost like new.  Maybe I should wash that sucker more often.



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