Realizing I Am Old


I recently went out to lunch with a group of ladies from work.  It was a mix of nurses and doctors.  While we were waiting on our food, one of the other doctors was discussing how one of her patients that morning had injured himself by falling down a well and how unusual that was.

“Like Baby Jessica?” I incredulously surmised.

All of the other women at the table gave me blank stares.  Let me put  this in context.  These were all women who have a degree.  They all have children.   One of them is also a doctor.  It struck me suddenly, that they did not get my cultural reference because none of them remember Baby Jessica being stuck in a well.

So, I tried to explain the reference to them so I wouldn’t look like an idiot.  I figured if I could just jog their memories regarding the events, it would kick in.  I finally Googled the year in which Baby Jessica got stuck in the well, and it was 1987.   They quickly pointed out the problem.  None of them were alive in 1987.  It is the oldest I have felt in a long time.


  1. Awh, I remember Baby Jessica! Yeah, it IS funny when you make a reference to something and co-workers don’t have a clue. That’s happened to me before! Sigh…

  2. My younger brother (11 yrs younger than I) was talking about being old enough to be a parent to coworkers the other day. I told him I had no sympathy bc I am in college where my professors with PhDs can be MY kids! LOL! And fellow students were all born THIS century! 🤦‍♀️

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