So, my awesome place of work decided to make a commercial and I was excited to be in it.  It has been on billboards, and on the television.  It has even played during football.  Football, y’all, in Tennessee.  So, I’m a pretty big deal, right?

My friend, Hipster Doctor is also in the commercial and happens to be my mother’s doctor.  I went over to my mom’s house one day, and she announces, “I saw Hipster Doctor’s commercial.  She looks really great.”

I looked at my mother with disbelief for a moment (I think she is screwing with me at this point), and say, “Mom, I’m in the commercial.”

To which she responds, “Oh, really? I didn’t notice you.”

I reply, “Yes, I’m standing right next to Hipster Doctor.”

She says, “Well, I’m sorry dear, I didn’t see you.”

It should be noted here that this is the still shot from the commercial below:20181120_214516.jpg

I am the one right in the middle, where you can see the full view of my face.  Hipster doctor has a profile shot to the left.

I persist with my mother, “Mom, you can see like my whole face, I’m right in the middle, standing right next to Hipster Doctor.”

She says, “That’s nice dear, maybe I will see you next time.”

So if you ever need a good shot of humility, just talk to your mother.  She will never disappoint.


  1. Wow… uhm.. that’s harsh. It sounds exactly like something that would happen with MY mother as well. So sorry 😦
    My daughter lives in Nashville and I actually drove right though Jackson both coming and going last week. It was weird to see snow since I live in TX. It is rare (thank God) and I was sad to see all the leaves gone. I was hoping to see some color. Oh well…
    Hope you had a great Thanksgiving Kellie! ❤

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