So, Z is back on the Blackhorse.   She had given it up for a while.  We had persuaded her that it wasn’t good for her.  Besides, it was destroying her teeth.  She stopped for three months, just long enough to get the promised fish tank.  Well, now the fish is dead, and she is back to sucking her thumb.

My beloved husband had the best of intentions I’m sure when he told her that he was going to get her a cigar to chew on instead so she could look tough like “Hannibal from the A-team.”

I thought she understood that her father was joking until I picked her up from Granny Z’s the other day and she said, “Momma, when am I getting my cigar?”

She has no clue what a cigar actually is, so I explain to her that it is basically a big cigarette  that old men like to chew on whilst playing cards and wearing leisure wear.   She only has a vague appreciation for what a cigarette is, so this was less than helpful.  She immediately bursts into tears because she has already told all her friends at school (and the teacher I presume) that she is getting a real cigar.    I am expecting phone calls on that one by the way.

So I called her father and explained that he has to fix this, so he was able to placate her for now, but I’m not sure she looks tough like Hannibal.



  1. She looks pretty tough to me (an adorable kind of tough). Kids always take things too literally. I once told my daughter in a fit of pique that I was going to “kill Grandma” because Grandma had done something I didn’t like. Said daughter then dragged Grandma to where our gun was stored and relayed my comment. Needless to say, it took a loooooong time to get past that one.

    • Yeah, that is literal to the extreme. Adults are guilty too though. One of my fellow bloggers kids had to go to bed without supper because she didn’t like what they were having. She told the teacher the next day that she wished she had food at home and they sent home an emergency food supply

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