Pandemic Panic

man wearing face mask in a dark room
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As one might imagine, being a Family Doctor in the apocalypse is not all that it is cracked up to be.  Our days are tinged with moments of complete normalcy interspersed with instances of confusion and terror.  It is surreal in so many ways.

I was amidst one such day recently when my phone buzzed.

I glance down:

You have just spent $1.99 in the Google Play Store.

Hmmm…. I think… I did not do that….. perhaps this is some sort of subscription thing renewing.  I have a bunch of those.   I mentally disregard for a moment and continue seeing patients.  I leave my phone charging in my office while I do a procedure.

I come back to the office and see a string of notifications.

          You have just spent $1.99 in the Google Play Store.

          You have just spent $1.99 in the Google Play Store.

           You have just spent $1.99 in the Google Play Store.

It is then that the aforementioned wave of terror hits me.  My mouth goes dry and I feel a little sick.  I break out in a cold sweat.   At a minimum, my children have figured out how to charge stuff, but what has likely happened is that my credit card has been hacked…. again.

I start frantically opening up accounts to investigate the charges.  I fear that these are the small charges pinging my account before someone makes a massive charge that takes months to work out with the credit card company.

As I open up the account, I am flooded with both amusenent and anger.   I flash back in my head to two nights before when my beloved spouse stayed up till 1:30 am playing a new game.   I recall his sage words of advice as he bemoaned “idiots who actually pay for lives and bonuses on these sort of apps.”

I call him immediately, and let him have it, without greeting, “…. I swear if you don’t stop spending money to buy lives on Fishdom, I am going to come home and choke you out with my bare hands.”

His chagrined chuckle was all the confirmation I needed as I hung up the phone.



  1. Kelly, when your blog pinged in my reader, I opened it immediately and then walked into my “physician” husband’s office to share with him. It gave us both a chuckle since we have both been in a similar situation. We are blessed since he is able to work from home. He does quality review for a company I’m sure you are familar with but I can’t mention which one..of course.
    I pray for all physicians, nurses, first responders and every other person who is tasked with taking care of those effected during this crisis. We have many friends and family on the “front lines”. Please stay safe and well… and thank you so very much for your service to your community (and for the chuckle). It is always good to find humor during this difficult time. ❤🙏❤😉😊

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