A Letter to Boogie


Dearest Boogie,

I remember the day you came into our lives.  You crept so timid, and hungry into our back yard.   I thought you were a puppy because you were so small, and I thought you were brown because you were so dirty.     We fed you and cleaned you and you became part of our family.

I remember you first trip to the vet when they said, “She has heartworms.  It is going to be expensive to treat,” and we said, “FIX THE DOG.”

Remember the trip to the Grand Canyon with Mommy and Daddy?   Not every dog gets to go to the Grand Canyon.     We took you with us everywhere and I will never regret that time spent with you.

I remember your second trip to the vet when they reminded us that you could get pregnant, and we said, “FIX THE DOG.”

Remember all the things you destroyed?   Those three sets of blinds weren’t too bad, but that garage door was expensive.  How did you eat the wiring out of the wall?  I don’t know how you destroyed a metal panel from your kennel, but you managed handily.  Oh, and thanks for destroying the curtains, downstairs door and carpet at mom’s house.   That was a nice check I had to write.

That is nothing compared to your capacity to hoard hidden foodstuffs.  Remember taking that whole loaf of garlic bread off the counter?  You hid it in Daddy’s closet and he called it your “Strategic Garlic Bread Reserve”.  That wasn’t quite as bad as the time I had a ten pound sack of raw chicken thawing in the sink and came home to NO chicken.    I found raw cutlets shoved under pillows and in laundry hampers for an unfortunately long time.     I was really amazed that you learned how to open the dishwasher so you could use it as a ladder to the countertop.  You were such a smart dog.

Remember how we loved you SO much that two people who swore they would never have children decided to give it a try.    Dearest girl,  I owe my second and third baby to you.   I know there were times that you were a little jealous, but you were such a good big sister.   I love how even when you were dying that you insisted on doing the stairs every night to put them to bed.


Thank you for sticking with me through both pregnancies and cuddling me at night.   You got up with me every time I had to pee or throw-up and went with me to the bathroom.  I will never forget that kindness my love.

Remember the first time your pancreas flared six months ago?   They said, “We can give her medicine but it is going to be expensive,” and we said, “FIX THE DOG.”

I will miss giving you belly and face rubs.   I will miss feeling your beautiful silky ears.     Remember how you inspired Dr. Pepper to get his own dog and LuckyPup instantly fell in love with you and thought you were his mommy?   I don’t know how I am going to tell LuckyPup about this.   I still haven’t told your sisters.

Remember that phase before having human babies when Mommy wanted to dress you up all the time?  You were so tolerant.

You were our first baby and Daddy’s first dog, and I am pretty sure you were the best dog in the world.


I am sorry that when they told me yesterday that it was liver cancer, that I couldn’t answer, “FIX THE DOG.”   I am sorry if you suffered a moment longer than necessary because mommy wanted to spend more time with you.   I am sorry that it has been hard for you to eat and drink for the last few days.  We just wanted to spend a few more moments with you, precious girl.  I will always appreciate that couple of days where you felt good and chased the gator like a pup and played with me again.

I know my father in heaven and I will see you again sweet puppy.  Say hi to Papa and Sammy Short Legs Daddy and all the people we love and miss.    I will be with you someday.





  1. I’m sorry … for the loss, though it was delightful to read about the life.

  2. OH Kellie… my heart is breaking for you today. I am so very sorry you lost your baby puppy. We are the same way about out dogs. I can’t tell you how much money we have spent when we said “FIX THE DOG!” But it was worth every penny! My prayers and thoughts with you today 🙂

    • Thank you Courtney. It’s astonishing how these furry Little Critters worm their way into our lives our hearts and become part of our families

    • Tell me about it! We have a Springer Spaniel named Parker. He is 10 and a Yorkie… his name is Pookie and he is 8. They are both a hot mess! LOL! Parker had an older brother we lost in ’13. His name was Nash and I still miss that dog terribly… Your tribute to Boogie was so sweet! 🙂

  3. Oh my…….?my heart is breaking too. She was my Friend and I loved her. She sat by my side in pottery classes when she could have spent the time with you instead. She looked forward to greeting me at the door whenever I came in. She was so peaceful and comforting just sitting beside me. I have a wonderful pic of us together during a wood firing that I will always treasure. She touched my heart too. You gave her such a good life and both yours and hers were better for it. You were very loved by us all Boogie Dog and we will all miss you very, very much.

  4. Oh Kellie, I am so sorry to hear about the loss of your sweet pet girl…I know just how you feel having gone through the loss of our favorite pet. You made me cry reading your detailed story…..loved every minute of it and thought I wish everyone would treat their pets as well as you and hubby do. You are the greatest phys. I have every had and I know how well you took care of your beloved pet……You Will see her again!.. God Bless, Your Friend Peggy

  5. Absolutely sucks. This has been a shitty year for supporting characters. We loved boogs too and she will be sorely missed. And don’t worry she loved you guys so much that even if it was painful those last few days it was “struggle” not “suffering”. Suffering is such a loveless word. Struggle is worth it in the end. Man this sucks.

  6. Kellie your writing captures so well how Ethan and you loved Boogie. I remember thinking this dog will evoke longing for having your own babies. I have enjoyed watching you parent my 3 grans – first the 4 legged and now Zela and Wren! Boogie’s personality, spirit and stories will stay with us forever.
    Love – Joyce/Mom/Gran

  7. Kellie, What a lovely tribute to your Boogie. I have an ailing, older dog too and was very touched by your writing. Thanks for sharing.

  8. She was my buddy. Waited on me at the door every time I went to pottery class. Laid on the cool concrete floor next to me in class. Kissed and loved on me every time I saw her. Kept me company during my midnight shift of all our wood fires. Kept the night creatures away and protected me. Breaks my heart. She was the best. You and Ethan hug each other from me in memory of our sweet girl. Love you both very much.

  9. So sorry to hear about Boogie. Dogs get into our hearts, that’s for sure. Thinking of all of you.

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