An Open Letter to Lori Alexander in Response to “Men Prefer Debt-Free Virgins Without Tattoos”

Dear Ms. Alexander,

I want to express to you first, that the entire premise of your article is off base.  It is a fallacy that as Christians we should be concerned about what “men prefer”.  We should instead be wholeheartedly focused on what Christ prefers.   Your article makes the mistaken assumption that all women are meant for marriage.  Nothing could be further from the truth.   In 1 Corinthians 7:8 Paul admonishes us that it is better to remain single for the work of the kingdom.  By not focusing on what men prefer, we can further accomplish our purpose in the Kingdom.

The bible does make it clear that debt is not a good idea, but you make the completely illogical jump that this speaks to a woman’s education.   You assert that it is worthless for a woman to obtain an education when she should be having babies.   The bible simply does not support this.  Ruth was not at home having babies when she found Boaz.  She was not in the care of her husband or her father.   She was an independent woman caring for a widow and working outside the home to do so.   Think of Lydia in Acts.  She was a seller of purple dyes.  Because of her economic independence she was able to serve the saints.   Paul did not admonish her to stop selling purple dyes and to go find a good husband, but instead praised her for her hospitality.  Furthermore, many women are intelligent enough to obtain their education through grants, scholarships or hard work, remaining debt-free.

I personally know of one of our sisters in Christ who has remained unmarried.  She went to medical school and then served in Afghanistan doing mission work.  You see, in Afghanistan women were not allowed to be doctors because they ascribe much closer to your view of the world than mine.  But, women were also not allowed to be examined by a male.  This left a great void in healthcare for these women.  If they had trouble in childbirth, they and their children would likely die.  If they had breast cancer, it was just left to fester.  God had a special place for this incredible woman’s skills, and had she ascribed to your advice, many would not have heard of the love of Christ.

Finally, can you hear the vitriol in your voice?  It shows a lack of love for the broken.   Jesus would likely have been spending more time with the sex-addicted, debtors who are covered in tattoos than the churched.   In Luke 5:31, our Lord said, “It is not the the healthy who need a doctor, but the sick.”  Unfortunately, your statements are a lot closer to the Pharisee of Luke 18:11, saying “Thank God I am not like other people- robbers, evildoers, adulterers or even like this tax collector.”  That reads shockingly similar to your article.

In closing, I would rather pursue God’s plan for my life instead of man’s desires for my body.   I would not presume to know the path that God has chosen for another, nor would I feel free to judge them without knowing the machinations of their hearts.




Bathrooms And Humiliation And Transvestites, Oh My!

I have been giving a lot of thought to the hubbub in Houston over public restrooms. For those of you unversed, the city council of Houston has passed a bathroom bill.   Section 51-17(b) of the bill reads as follows,

“ It shall be unlawful for any place of public accommodation or any employee or agent thereof to deny any person entry to any restroom, shower room, or similar facility if that facility is consistent with and appropriate to that person’s expression of gender identity”

In case you missed that, it means that if a person thinks they are a female, even if they aren’t, then they can use the ladies restroom, shower, etc.

First of all, this is not really anything new.   When I was in my twenties, showering at the local YMCA, there were mothers who brought their clearly way-too-old male children in to the women’s locker room.   This has been a pet peeve of mine for some time. If your kiddo is old enough to shave; and his voice has dropped, then he is probably too old to hold your hand on a trip to the bathroom ladies. My point being is that this is a variety of humiliation that women have been subject to for some time. We are used to this junk, so bring it.

Everyone is crying about the poor children and how they may have to go to the bathroom with some man, but it is not the children I am worried about.   I am not sure that these transgender individuals have any understanding of the rather complete extent to which children can embarrass you.

On a recent shopping trip to Kroger, whilst in the deli, my 2 year old palmed my boobs and squeezed them hard, yelling, “Honk, Honk Mommy! I squeeze your bellybutton.”

Amidst the snickers and glares, I remained calm, “Is that my belly button?”

Z collapses into a fit of giggles, “No Silly Mommy, that’s where milk comes from, like a cow.”

At this point, I really wanted to die, but wait, there’s more. The very next week, same Kroger, frozen aisle we are just passing a smokin’ hot guy.   Z immediately starts blushing and flirting, batting her eyelashes and twirling her hair.   I am bemused by this rather appropriate response. She looks him deeply in the eyes and in her best toddler, husky voice uses the greatest pick up line of all time, uttering, “I eats my boogers.”

Great. Thanks for that kid.

Similarly, my friend Supermom is in the bathroom with her tot at the zoo.   Tot says, “I like your butt mommy. You have a nice butt.”

Cute, right?   Everyone in the adjacent stalls laughs politely.   Supermom said later that she could see the next thought run through Tot’s head and she tried to cover her mouth right as she blurts out, “I don’t like your front butt. It too hairy.”

She had to hide in the bathroom till everyone is gone. Almost ALL of my friends have been subjected to some variation of the above by their overly honest children.

So in conclusion, if a tranny would like to use the bathroom with my kiddo, you are welcome to do so, but I am clearly unable to stop her from embarrassing me in public, so when she says, “Mommy, why does that dude look like a lady?” don’t blame me, she does this stuff ALL. THE. TIME.

Also, don’t think I won’t use this to my advantage if it comes to my area. Believe me, I have waited through enough lines at the ladies room during concerts and sporting events to take significant time off my life. From now on, I plan on marching over to the men’s bathroom and explaining that I am feeling really masculine today and take my place atop the porcelain throne.

Actually, I think this whole thing is really stupid.   If you are good enough at being transgender, then people really shouldn’t notice that you are in the wrong restroom to begin with. Seriously, have you seen pictures of trannies from Thailand? They are stunning and I challenge you to pick out which ones are really men.   On the other hand, if you appear obviously male, and happen to be wearing tights, you should probably stick with men’s room. I think this is a good rule of thumb, but apparently the city council of Houston knows best.

Unintended Consequences


A couple of days ago President Obama revealed a new agenda to push for state and federally funded early childhood education.  I am sure this is with the best of intentions, but much like other social programs their are unintended consequences to every action.

First of all, every social program in existence today started with the best possible intentions of MOST of those involved.   This obviously doesn’t apply to Lyndon B. Johnson who started most of these programs:


These programs were designed to be a “safety net”.   Some people use these programs as such, but more and more these programs simply trap one generation after the next into the despair of poverty.  An important economic concept in this equation is that whatever we subsidize, we will get more of.   Reflect on that.   Medicaid, Food Stamps and Welfare are set up in such a way that many people who are married are ineligible due to a slightly higher income.  They are set up so that if the individual receiving the aid becomes just slightly more successful then their aid is discontinued.   The result is that many people born into the system are simply trapped there.

If these systems were really about providing a safety net and not an attempt to buy votes, then why are they not designed to help people?    Many of my friends would be eligible for significant quantities of monies from the state if they were unmarried.  If they just got divorced and lived with their spouse and were willing to lie on that little form, they would be a candidate for welfare, food stamps, Medicaid and our already present head start program (which provides free daycare to preschool children).

I will say again, what we subsidize, we will get more of.   We should offer incentives under welfare programs if the partner stays in the home, and if they are able to make just a little extra money.  If we subsidized married partners, and emerging success then we will get more married partners and emerging success.   This is a system I could get behind rather than just expecting people to be grateful enough for the crumbs that slip down to them that they will vote for the right candidate.

The second point behind my tirade is that I really don’t trust the government.  There are ideas popular within society that I don’t want my child to learn.  I would like to teach them in a compassionate, educated way about our beliefs.   I know that this is going to sound really paranoid, and take this for what it is worth, but it is right out of the communist manifesto to indoctrinate children early.  Don’t believe me, actually look up the ten points of the communist manifesto as presented by Karl Marx written in 1848.  This was point ten on his list of how to control society.

This was practiced in Russia.  It was practiced in Nazi Germany.  Ever hear of the Hitler youth?   It was encouraged under Mao in China.   Children were indoctrinated and encouraged to spy on their parents in the home and report them to the government for “wrong thinking”.   I know how this sounds, and for those of you who think I sound crazy.  Yeah, you’re probably right.  Nothing LIKE that could EVER happen here!   I am sure we are all a completely different class of parents than those in Germany, China and Russia who were subjected to this.  No worries!  Whew…. I feel better already.

Lastly,  some of the smartest, kindest women I have the privilege of knowing are stay at home moms.  They have made this difficult and valuable choice.   Their personal choice should not be discouraged and derided by the government but recognized as the high calling that it is.  Why are we called upon to celebrate every choice in our society as equally valid and to be lauded except this lifestyle?  I wish with all my heart that it made sense in my family for me to be a stay at home mom.  It makes more sense for my husband to stay with the girls most of the time, and this is a blessing to us and I am jealous every day.   Instilling character, kindness and knowledge into little hearts and minds is the most important job there is.

It is not the place of the government to overreach yet again into the private lives of families.  They should stick to roads, and post offices and providing for the common defense like the constitution delineates.  They should stop trying to socially engineer America.  They are doing a bad job of it.   If they are going to continue to practice socially engineering, perhaps they could do so in a way that would actually lift people out of poverty instead of trapping them there.  This sounds like the truly compassionate thing to do.


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