Make it Rain…

wpid-img_20150215_152346_657.jpgFor those of you who have never watched a rap video, Making it Rain, according to urban dictionary, is when one, “throws a lot of money into the air at a strip club to show the ladies how rich you are.” I am pretty sure that this has been a lifelong dream of my husband.  I know this because every time he takes money out of the ATM for the nanny he offers to “Make it Rain” if I want to dance for him.   So far, his advances have been met with an eye roll.

We were lucky with Z.  She is a thumb sucker so we never had to worry about additional paraphernalia at bedtime.   But, Baby Bird has been a different story.   She requires a paci at bed every night.   And…. if she looses said paci, then it results in screaming.

I had the bright idea that we would just place a couple of extra pacis in her crib so that if she lost it in the night that she could easily placate herself.   This was great until she started clutching a paci in each of her tiny, clenched fists.  Now she cries if she doesn’t have a paci in her mouth and both hands.

So now we have fixed this problem by keeping a bucket of pacis nearby and tossing handfuls in every time we put her to bed.  Sometimes she wakes with one in her mouth and 2-3 in each hand.  It occurred to me the other night that tossing handfuls of pacis at a one year old was not the “Making it Rain” that my husband has been dreaming of.  Oh how life has changed.  wpid-img_20150215_152346_657.jpg


  1. I’ll file that under double meanings for terms we used to think were cool but became haunting once we became parents. I think it would make a cool rap video to make it rain with pacifiers and dealing out animals crackers to a bunch of cracker heads.

  2. That is precious! I don’t have children, but my husband has not done the “make it rain” although I know he is familiar with it😳☺️ Often when I ask for cash , oddly , he “fans it out” on the bedside table? Like services rendered😳 Just an FYI to be aware of who knows if that correlation will ever connect!lol!

  3. We did the same thing with Pebbles! (with the pacis, not the cash on the nightstand.) I think the most we ever had at one time was 20. I was determined to NEVER be without a darn pacifier. Who wants to listen to all that screaming in the middle of the night? Pebbles also went to bed each night with two chubby fists full of pacis, one in her mouth and several scattered all around the crib mattress.

  4. Great Post! Yes…affixing the paci at bedtime to guard against loss has been a problem since the dawn of mankind. Brilliant solution! Love it.

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